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Dear Water Front Property Owner or Prospective Buyer:


TFD&BL is a disabled veteran, family owned small business that has been formed under a mentor-protégé relationship with North Georgia Boat Lift (NGBL). NGBL, in just 5 years of operation, is the second largest Wahoo dealership in the US. They have extensive experience in boat docks of all designs and styles. Until TFD&BL is fully certified as the exclusive Wahoo dealership for the Lake Guntersville area, we operate as an associate under the direct supervision of NGBL. That means our customers will benefit from the experience and knowledge NGBL has gained, can answer all your questions, and assist you in making sound decisions.


Like you, I have spent a great deal of my life enjoying various water craft and operating on lakes, rivers, and oceans. I have operated out of pressure treated pile driven docks/boat houses, pressure treated spud pole dock/boat houses, and now from what you will find is the best quality dock available, the Wahoo floating dock! There really is NO comparison. All of the former styles can be purchased for a little less, but you get much less in return and then double your investment over 10 years refurbishing it, and you still will not have the quality, style, appeal, and aesthetics you could have if you make a sound decision from the start.


We commit to you that we will: provide you sound advise; assist you in working with the TVA to get a permit as close to what you need - not what someone else thinks you should have; helping you design the dock that meets your needs yet fits your budget and permit; then deliver what we promised, when we promised it, and at the price we agreed to. Ask you neighbors if that is what they received with the alternatives that are out there.


You have (or are about to) made a significant investment in your property and water front home. I ask you to consider making the same wise decisions concerning your dock as you did for the property. Make sure you get all the bang for the buck you can and Wahoo docks provide that and more.




Larry Becker

Trouble Free Docks and Boat Lift



LOT 250

Below is a dock we built on LOT 250 at the Promenade in Guntersville Alabama

Touble Free Docks


Trouble Free Docks and Boat Lifts
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