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Who Is Wahoo


Company Profile

Mission Statement - To manufacture and market innovative products for the best possible value, to provide our customers with a world-class buying and owning experience and to maintain ethical business practices with a proficient, diligent workforce.

Vision - Wahoo Docks™ pioneered the heavy-framed aluminum boat dock over a decade ago and today enjoys a nationwide reputation for building the premier docks systems available. We are a company owned and managed by engineers and truly put a great deal of effort in our designs, components, and processes in order to deliver a high quality, high value product.

History - Wahoo™ began building docks over 20 years ago first using wood then steel. The company has evolved greatly since then. Today, we solely manufacture aluminum docks from our 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility and sell residential and commercial docks and gangways throughout the country. We sell our residential docks exclusively through a network of highly skilled, customer-centric representatives and manage commercial projects from our central office in Georgia.

Atmosphere Of Respect


Equality - Wahoo Docks™ supports a positive work environment with clear policies that are practiced for every stakeholder. Ensuring that all employees are treated with respect and dignity, any form of harassment based on race, age, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or religion is strictly forbidden. We require this policy of equality to be respected by all employees, dealers, customers and others associated with Wahoo Docks™.

Open Door Policy - Each individual at Wahoo Docks™ is addressed on a first name basis and an open door policy exists with all levels of management, throughout all departments and within our dealer network.

Teamwork - A key ingredient in our success is the camaraderie within Wahoo Docks™ environment of teamwork. Our company structure is specifically built upon teamwork. Each employee dealer plays a valuable part in providing our customers with customized, fully engineered solutions. Using this framework, each dealer can provide customers with the personalized service while accessing the expertise and resources of the nation’s largest aluminum dock company.

Environmental Stewardship


Environmental Performance - As a leader in the dock industry, Wahoo Docks™ proudly reports a clean environmental record. Our engineers stay updated and continually review the latest trends in technology to improve both our efficiency and environmental impact. On a manufacturing level, we add nothing to our products at our plant that could locally contaminate soil. Any paint or other potential soil contaminates are applied at a facility specifically designed for such activities. Further, we take great pains to reduce waste by source reduction and procuring specially-sized products to reduce waste. In the field, our dealers are specifically trained to reduce their environmental impact while installing our products.

Environmentally Friendly Materials - The premise of our docks is that they do not materially degrade over time. In other words, our materials are generally inert in the wet environments in which they are used and thus protect against water contamination. Our aluminum structural members will not materially degrade and the polystyrene we use for floatation is encapsulated in a polyethylene shell that is also environmentally stable. Further, our use of stainless steel fasteners do not degrade over time. These premium components will never need protective coatings such as paint, seals or primers, which could jeopardize the water quality. In short, our docks are perfectly suitable for use in all bodies of water, even those specifically designed to supply drinking water.

Minimal Shoreline Disturbance - The very nature of a floating dock can create minimal impact on the marine ecosystem’s natural buffer zone. A floating dock need not physically disturb the underlying vegetation within a dock’s boundary and dock design can mitigate any potential issues arising from sunlight blockage. Further, our long-span gangways reduce the necessity or amount of piles required to traverse long distances over marsh or dunes to get to reach a dock.

Eco Focus - As the premier manufacturer of boat docks and gangways in North America, Wahoo Docks™ carries the responsibility to preserve the aesthetic and environmental resources of our marine environment by not only following but exceeding all environmental regulations.
A Wahoo™ dock is distinctive in its ability to maintain its structural integrity and attractiveness over long periods of time. However, our environmental appreciation and responsible manufacturing practices also create a dock that has a low environmental impact.


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